Swing Stage


Swing Stage Scaffolding (Suspended Scaffolding)

Swing stage scaffolding is part of the suspended scaffolding family, which is generally used to provide access and working platforms on construction sites. Suspended scaffolding incorporates a suspended platform that is capable of moving up and down when in use. There are five types of suspended scaffolding, those being Swing Stages, Double Rope Scaffolding, Work Cages, Boatswain’s Chairs and False Cars. We offer Swing Stage scaffolding to our customers.

What is Swing Stage Scaffolding?

Swing stage scaffolding is generally used to transport workers, tools and materials to the working height they require to be able to perform their job safely. Swing stage scaffolding is the ideal working platform in most areas of construction and maintenance as it is versatile, safe and has a user friendly operating system. Swing stage scaffolding is very versatile and is a great system for temporary projects.

Swing stage scaffolding is probably the most common type of suspended scaffolding and is suspended by ropes or cables that are connected to stirrups at each end of the platform.

What are the benefits of using Swing Stage scaffolding?

  • It is time saving and cost efficient compared to other types of scaffolding
  • Easy to transport, install and dismantle
  • Good for working at all different heights
  • Fulfill most requirements
  • Meets and exceeds the most stringent safety standards
  • Reduction of men to set-up and dismantle and reduces labour costs
  • Ensures a quicker turn around of trades on site

Who can use Swing Stage Scaffolding?

Any person who is competent in how to operate and work the swing stage scaffolding in a safe manner but the scaffolding must be erected by a person who holds an advanced scaffolding ticket.

What jobs can Swing Stage be used on?

  • Any maintenance job that requires working at a height
  • Repair and inspection jobs to facades, chimneys, silos, oil tanks, stadiums and the list goes on


  • Co-ordinate electric motorized winches
  • Platform width of 0.8m
  • Maximum length of cables 100m
  • Approved by all appropriate authorities