Monorail and Winch


Monorail and Winch Systems

Red & Blue Scaffolding offers a range of accessories to help make your project more profitable by being more efficient and reducing fatigue of the workers. For special projects, we even create custom-made accessories such as the Monorail & Winch systems.

This is a device that serves as an alternative to a crane. These hoists are often used to move products and materials in a limited area. They can either be built into a structure of the building or become part of the ceiling or can be added at a later date. Monorail systems make it easier to lift products or to transport products from one end to another.

  • Best practical solutions
  • For recessed or ever hanging facades, sloped roofs
  • Closely follow the facade with platforms suspended from trolleys to access various points of a structure.


  • Electromagnetic spring applied fall safe brake
  • Cast stool foot mountings
  • Fabricated steel drum
  • Supplied on steel base plate ready to mount
  • Motor to IP54 as standard
  • Heavy duty high efficiency ball bearing on all running surfaces
  • Enclosed drum flange to prevent rope becoming trapped between the drum and support castings
  • Heavy duty 1P65 waterproof switch P13 – 330 with emergency stop as an option.

Standard Accessories:

  • 9mm x 60m wire rope
  • weight hook
  • pendant switch
  • switch and 3.5mm x 5c x 3m
  • power lead 3.5mm x 3c x 0.3m
  • base plate