Mast Climbing Work Platform


Mast Climbing Work Platform

What is a Mast Climber?

A Mast Climber is a powered access solution consisting of an elevated platform connected to one or two vertical masts. The platform will travel up and down the masts. We find our major use in the following applications:

  • Restructuring and construction of buildings
  • Renovation of façades
  • Balconies and roofs
  • Installation of curtain walls
  • Installation of glass façade

Qualified & experienced personnel ensure that our products are designed to obtain maximum time and cost savings within your organisation. The use of mast climbing work platforms, for example, when compared to traditional work platforms gives savings up to 70% on the façade works, due to speedy movement of working platforms, reduced assembly times and therefore higher performance of operators.

Similarly, if compared to the classic building crane, ensure a considerable time saving on construction and renovation thanks to the fast handling of the materials, high loading capacity and lower operating cost.