What is Scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a temporary structure, typically on the outside of a building, to support access or working platforms. Scaffolding is commonly used in the construction industry to provide workers a safe platform whilst working at heights, but can also be used when buildings need to be cleaned.

Scaffolding was originally made from different kinds of wood but is now made of metal or aluminum. Scaffolding acts to provide safety for the workers and to an extent can be offered as support for free-standing structures whilst a stable structure is being built.

Scaffolding can be linked back to ancient Greece during early 5th century BC but can also be recorded as being used by Egyptians, Nubians and Chinese where they used scaffolding- type structures to assist in building tall buildings. In these periods, scaffolding was typically made of wood and was secured with knotted rope.

These days scaffolding has advanced and is generally made out of aluminum or metal and is not tired together by rope but rather clamps and braces. Scaffolding is now also made to be erected and dismantled easily and efficiently.

Scaffolding has always been an important part of construction, whether it be 1000 years ago or today. Its purpose has not changed, in that it is there to provide a safe and stable platform to aid in the construction of building and transportation of materials.


For any enquiries for your scaffolding needs, please give Red and Blue Scaffolding a call on 9336 8300 and we will endeavor to help you with your scaffolding needs.

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